About 13XL Radio

13XL Radio was formed by Eugene L. Nicholas in April 2022. Nothing like your ordinary internet station, 13XL Radio offers classic Hip-hop and R&B, Soul , New Grooves and Neo-Soul.  There are familiar songs in rotation; including long forgotten and some never heard before. The idea is to introduce (and re-introduce) you to some really good music and present an eclectic mix. 

You can enjoy daily mixes by various DJs (see the CHECK OUT THE DJs page) as well as different programs including Soul Sundays and Microphone Kingz (both coming soon).

The end goal is ensuring a good mix of music is shared for those who want to ditch commercial radio and take this musical journey. DJ Jazzy Jeff said on TWITCH the other day, “There’s a lot of good music out there that needs to be heard”. I completely agree with this statement 100% and 13XL Radio is here to contribute so you can enjoy the musical experience. 

Eugene L. Nicholas (aka DJ Guzl)


13Xl Radio